The Significance of Social Media Marketing

One study done by Hubspot in 2014 found out that a number of marketers, 92%, claimed that marketing in social media platforms was essential for their businesses. Additionally, 80% of the marketers claimed that their marketing efforts in social media led to traffic increase to their business websites. According to Social Media Examiner, social media marketing is being carried out by a huge number of marketers, 97%.

The figures generally paint the true picture why social media marketing is big and why the wave is not about to end anytime soon. Consequently, here are some of the benefits of social media marketing by the experts at this seo manchester firm and also Viral Media Boost that you should know.

I. Increasing brand recognition

A number of us are increasingly spending a lot of time on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube among others. If your business/company happens to be very active on the social media platforms, you will be more accessible to the existing and potential customers. With your presence on the platforms, a number of customers will definitely become familiar with your brand.

II. To boost your website’s SEO

If you want to rank higher in search engines ranking/results displayed, you must be able to drive traffic to the pages you have optimized. The pages would consequently be able to be ranked higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Billy Moss sells luxury candles online and says “When somebody searches for your business online; the respective social media profiles will also be displayed. A number of people are also using social media platforms for searching information just like a search engine.”

III. Building of real relationship

Carly Bass runs the social media for this botox manchester clinic and medical spa Milwaukee business and notes “If you happen to frequently interact with your customers then there are always higher chances that you will be able to satisfy them. You will see the problems faced by the customers, know what the customers want and of course know how to serve them better.”

With better personal service it means a healthy relationship will be built crucial for the growth of your business.

IV. Competitive advantage

Donna Masterson runs the social media for this led strip lights retailer and Elderwerks and says “Competition between businesses especially in some sectors is usually very stiff. If you happen to embrace social media marketing and your competitor does not then you will definitely have a competitive advantage.”

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that having seen how social marketing is important, to be able to achieve success, you must understand the appropriate social media tools and strategies to use.